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NBA Salaries 2014

The NBA has the highest average salary for any professional sport in the world. It is no surprise that while there are basketball leagues all over the world, none are as revered as the National Basketball Association. NBA players also get large endorsement deals, sometimes even higher than their basketball salary. Below we've listed out salaries not only for players, but also for referees and coaches.


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Top 10 NBA Player Salaries 2014

1 Kobe Bryant $23,500,00
2 Amare Stoudemire $23,410,988
3 Joe Johnson $23,180,790
4 Carmelo Anthony $22,458,401
5 Dwight Howard $21,436,271
6 LeBron James $20,644,400
7 Chris Bosh $20,644,400
8 Chris Paul $20,068,563
9 Kevin Durant $19,997,513
10 Deron Williams $19,754,465