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NFL Salaries 2013

As the most popular sport in the United States, it is no surprise that NFL players make massive amounts of money. Football is interesting in that all of the contracts are not guaranteed like they are in the NBA or MLB. This is why you see players sometimes take less money overall with a bigger chunk being guaranteed. In the NFL draft it is also a huge deal when they talk about the guaranteed portion of a contract because many rookies never end up getting the full amount of their contracts due to injury or lack or productivity. Below are a list of salaries for the NFL.

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Top 10 NFL Player Salaries

Peyton Manning at Quarterback $20,000,000
Jared Allen at Defensive End $14,280,612
Chris Long at Defensive End $13,250,000
Eli Manning at Quarterback $13,000,000
Carson Palmer at Quarterback $13,000,000
Julius Peppers at Defensive End $12,900,000
Matthew Stafford at Quarterback $12,500,000
Tamba Hali at Defensive End $12,250,000
Philip Rivers at Quarterback $12,000,000
Adrian Peterson at Running Back $11,250,000